Competencies assessment: a dedicated team for a new area of Expertise for H3O


Pourquoi évaluer ?Human Capital is one of the most valuable and important assets of an organization and a key factor of its performance. This applies to all size of companies, under all circumstances and economic situation.


Therefore, hiring a new employee, planning a position replacement, supporting new challenges, detecting top performers and high-calibre applicants, are some of the major decisions impacting the corporation in the short and long term.


How to be sure to take the right decision? How to know if your sale assistant manager has the skills and knowledge required to become sales manager? How to know if one selected applicant really meet the competency standards for the position applied? How to ensure co-workers efficiency and enthusiasm when my company is facing a very challenging environment?


A competency based approach and evaluation will help you to solve these issues while getting reading for tomorrow’s challenges.


What is co-workers skills assessment?


For Thierry Plet, in charge of all H3O assessments and evaluations, a competency assessment provides tools and methods to identify an applicant or co-worker skills and competencies comparing them to the required job skills and expected performance standards. These competencies are knowledge, skills, attitude and personality of the individual.


So as to measure skills and competencies, H3O has created an assessment/development center. The Assessment center applies to external recruitment when development center, using the same method, focuses on implementing existing competencies and skills (training, coaching).