Recruitments, internal mobility, promotions and reorganizations are some of the situations where corporations must carefully assess their candidates to ensure they possess the required qualifications. Corporations have always assessed their candidates …more or less effectively. Let’s focus on the French corporations’ recruitment practices in 2013 and assess their progress.


Despite its relative objectivity, Face-to-face interview is the great winner


In 2013, in a study involving 135 HR professionals, H3O has questioned corporations about their assessment practices. Not surprisingly, Face-to-face interview ranks first as 96 % of them use it.


«This is not surprising as it is, since a long time, the most common practice and the easiest to implement without having a specific training for that. But the level of predictability in terms of key skills identification is not sufficient. To rely solely on face-to-face interview through the assessment process does not prevent from mistakes in the orientation given” stated Thierry Plet, managing Partner at H3O Assessment Centers.


46% of the questioned companies are conducting job-specific technical tests and 42 % choose personality questionnaire. Aptitude tests, roles playing or case studies are done less often with only 37, 9 % of the companies using them.


This truly reflects what corporations expect from their assessment tools: they have to be easy to use (for 66 % of them), relevant and appropriate (61 %) and positively perceived by co-workers (55 %). Furthermore, for 62 % of them assessment tools are complementary, sharp and of great help in the decision-making process.


The Applicant Assessment: often used for various reasons


60% of questioned corporations use it on a regular basis and 23 % occasionally. This trend also includes annual appraisal interviews. This clearly shows how important the assessment practice is among organizations whatever their size is (SME/ETI and key accounts in the same proportion)


As often listed in studies, recruitment and internal mobility are the most common situations where appraisal applies (respectively in 33 % and 27 % of them). Other situations that require an assessment are: Team organization/reorganization situation (for 16,7%) and high-potentials identification (15,2 %).


The Assessment center: relevant but scarcely used


Of the 59 % of companies knowing about the assessment center method, 50 % of them consider it as relevant and appropriate to the HR context. But only 36 % use it.


« When you jointly use several tools together with at least two evaluators involved in the process, you can provide a greater level of predictability. Each assessment criteria is measured and analyzed from different angles. The whole process usually takes one day but assessment center is not easy to implement and this can restrain some corporations from using it. Having in mind how serious consequences a wrong recruitment decision can have in terms of finance, organization and motivation, major groups and even some SME’s are increasingly using the assessment center. The present trend is towards its rapid development” commented Thierry Plet.


About H3O


H3O group, whose roots go back to 2001, became a reality in 2010, in Nantes, when 3 specialists in HR and Interim Management have partnered. In 2013, the group strengthens his development by merging with training and consultancy firm For Action. The same year, H30 expands its area of expertise through the creation of an assessment center providing an additional offer in terms of evaluation. Today, the group provides French and foreign companies with a complete and comprehensive offer of recruitment, evaluation, assessment, consulting and training, as well as interim management. The goal is to improve operational performance of businesses by transforming their human resources into human wealth.