ID-100121509On a flat and depressed market, corporations have two major offensive strategies they can implement to bounce back: innovation and internationalization which was lately very topical among corporations regardless of their size.


It has often been said that the number of ETI should be increased in France so as to enhance internationalization thus following belatedly the German economic model. For “H3O specialized recruitments” this vision is inaccurate as they are supporting many SME in their international development. If they are supported and assisted in this process by various measures, they mainly rely on their own strategy and culture. They all believe that the time has come to move ahead.


Whatever the reason may be, for such a development they need to have men and women ready to take the challenge and open to “remote” management processes. Whether it’s a foreign company planning to setup operations in France or a French company wishing to expand beyond our borders, the search for qualified co-workers is a major challenge. You have to cope with logistical constraints due to extended geographical boundaries while meeting the level of competencies required. Therefore, videoconference appears to be the most appropriate and efficient tool, despite many common beliefs about interviews. It allows you to focus on the recruitment key issues: competencies assessment, applicant’s potential and his main personality traits. When recruitment methods are mastered, videoconference offers a good responsiveness and delivers excellent results with a good stability of recruited candidates.


Just like the corporations they support, H3O “Specialized recruitments” is also expanding his activities and business scope beyond our borders. Few years ago, they took the opportunity to support and assist their clients in their recruitment needs at an international level. This recruitment office with its human size structure is able to target potential applicants anywhere using modern tools and means like social networks, web resources as well “real”, physical networks. The goal is to find the successful applicant among thousands of potential ones and provide his client with the best candidate.


If the basics remain the same, this international and multicultural environment in the recruitment brings greater wealth but also more complexity in the process. Diversity is an integral feature of globalization. How it could be otherwise? As a signatory member of the “Charte of Diversity” and a member of the French association “A competence Egale”, H3O “Specialized recruitments” finds here a strong motivating factor. In their opinion the cultural diversity as a result of globalization represents a source of enrichment and a positive evolution for the society. By investing in the human capital, all kind of corporations have the chance to experience globalization as a chosen approach rather than an imposed one.