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  • Define performance and competencies standards
  • Identify evaluation criteria: preliminary work with all involved company representative to prepare performance review and define performance required standards.




    • Skills and evalluation criteria checklist: each criteria is listed by categories (knowledge, skills, attitude…).
    • Competency assessments methods: we always use at least 2 different approaches per criteria with role-playing situation.
    • Assessor team selection: each team has at least 2 assessors so they can compare their own analysis. At H3O, a team has always a HR professional and a psychologist working together.


With their background and their experience, our assessors can prevail of:

  • Being expert in using assessment tools and methods
  • Having an in-depth knowledge of occupational standards (corporation’s positions and required performance standards)
  • Having excellent listening and analysis skills
  • Having a great respect for the individual based on moral code and ethics
  • Being reliable and impartial when acting in a role-playing situation.


  • Communication : a preliminary work is conducted to optimize applicant’s performance during test period. We promote transparency and communication with a collaborative approach on target, preocess, tools, tests and reports of the competency assessment.




Assessments are usually performed in our offices. According to attended workshops, the assessment can last up to 2 days but most of our programs are of 1 day of evaluation. A maximum of 4 applicants can be assessed for the same position in one day and a maximum of 8 for different positions.


Evaluation Report


The assessment.development center provides the client with a double report based on listed criteria. The first one is a summary and the second goes into details.