A maximized procedure to fullfil expectations


As a successful recruitment requires a specific and tailored follow-up , we always monitor our assignments closely.


process recruitment


A survey of specific needs


With more than 500 successful recruitments and our specialized advisors’ expertise, we are the ablest to review and study our client’s needs and requirements.


We define and portray the targeted candidate profile.


We gather all documents and information we may need to attract the best applicants.


A  accurate and efficient recruitment process


By combining the means we have, internet search, social networking strength and our communications strategy which highlights our clients, we always provide you with the best candidates meeting your requirements.


A complete assessment


Convinced that candidate’s efficiency is based on his skills, abilities (potential) and his motivation, we found our method on the formula (E=MC2) and we assess each candidate with a special focus on the 3 following fields:


Skills: with professional interview, tests, role-playing
Abilities: with psychologists using series of tests (specifically created. Ref to ETPG)
Motivation: working hand in hand with candidates, we aim at defining their professional project before comparing their profile and potential with the available position requirements.


H3O Specialized Recruitments: Benefit from special advantages


Thanks to a deep analysis and appreciation of the vacant position and required background, we shortlist attractive profiles only.


Thanks to specialized and highly skilled experts, very involved in many professional networks we are able to lead the recruitment process proactively.


All our procedures comply with high standards.


We guarantee the selected candidate replacement if one of the parties terminates the contract during the trial period whatever the reason is.


Always ready to listen, we give priority to human values. As a perfectly-sized and independent recruitment agency, we can assert our professionalism with tailor-made services.


A time-framed and well supervised process


We set a contractual time-frame to present you shortlisted candidates.


Each phase of the recruitment process is carefully approved before moving on to the next one so as to meet your needs in the very best way possible.