H3O Founder members share the same values.


These values are our Hallmark serving as founding principles in our recruitment assignments and bringing forth value to all stakeholders:  clients, candidates, partners, suppliers…


According to these values, here are our obligations:


Comply with the ethical code inherent in human resources management:


  • Respect for the single individual and for the “Charter of Diversity”
  • Transparency,
  • Confidentiality.


H3O is a member of the association “A Compétence Égale” which aims at defining and communicating anti-discrimination practices in recruitment. H3O excludes any kind of discriminating criteria in application studies (compliance with the French Law – article L.1132-1 of Labour Code, article 225 of Penal Code and La HALDE recommendation).


Over and above the compliance with the Law, we truly believe that Diversity is a real source of performance for the Charte of diversity.


La Charte des Valeurs H3O

La Charte réseaux sociaux, Internet, Vie Privée et Recrutement d’A compétence Égale