We are constantly looking to surround ourselves with specialized partners showing the best skills in their area of expertise.


A Compétence Égale


à compétence égale

A Compétence Egale leads an active action against all kind of discrimination in recruitment process based on the founding principles of their own code of conduct “A compétence égale”. H3O is a member of the organization.



French-Mexican Chamber of Commerce


LogoSocios-Color_2013The French-Mexican Chamber of Commerce is an association aiming at connecting corporations with key players for their development.



Charter of Diversity


The Charter of Diversity aims at encouraging corporations prevent any kind of discrimination in recruitment process by promoting diversity and equal opportunities. All signatory companies are committed to fight against discrimination in recruitment and to promote diversity.

H3O is signatory member of the Charter of Diversity



Equilibre Conseil en Formation – (counselling in training company)


Partner in business start-up




Human Building


Recruitment agency specialized in construction industry




Human Energies


Recruitment agency specialized in construction industry technicians




Jencroispasmesyeux – I can’t believe my eyes


Not large enough yet to be partner with “I can’t believe my eyes”, we would like to highlight this very positive initiative.

The main idea is to laugh at disabled people clumsiness to form a bond between handicapped people and the others, this would give us a better understanding of the situation. A good laugh is worth a thousand words don’t you think?



Passerelles & Compétences – Links & Competencies


Passerelles et compétencesThey connect charity organizations and corporations for occasional voluntary work.