Le journal des entreprisesTo welcome a new employee, secure and enhance his hiring on the long run…For Grégoire Buffet, manager of the specialized recruitments department for H3O office in Nantes, to be able to manage the after-recruitment period require to have considered it in the earlier stages of the process.


Recruitment is not an end in itself! In fact it is the starting point of a long period of work to ensure the selected applicant has the opportunity to develop and perform to his full potential in his new position, and will be then part of the corporation project on a long term basis.


« Corporations aim at ensuring and enhancing the success of their new recruitment. As if they were buying new equipment, they want to make the most of the selected candidate potential. In order to do so, we have implemented a specific support for our clients ; we call it “the 2 years warranty” and this support ease and improve the whole process ” explained Grégoire Buffet, founder member and manager of the “specialized recruitments” activity for H3O Office in Nantes.


Le Journal des Entreprises – October 2013