H3O Specialized Recruitments: tailor-made solutions for your recruitment needs.


We are committed to provide you with context-sensitive solutions.


With more than 10 years of experience, our recruitment team has successfully achieved more than 500 recruitment assignments of “high calibre” profiles and talents (rare skills, head managers, international head-hunt…).


We always listen carefully to our clients’ particular needs.


Before seeking any potential candidate, each assignment starts with needs assessment to create a purpose built recruitment solution.


We monitor the whole process, step by step so as to secure our client’s investment.


All means are implemented and recruitment is always conducted to agreed time-scales and conditions. A Specific approach of each position, a talented team of professionals and innovative methods are some of the competencies we offer to satisfy leading edge clients.


Investing successfully in your workforce


Because we aim in all ways at satisfying clients’ needs and candidates’ expectations, with a process entirely designed around them and for them, these are our guarantees:


  • To build a target list unique to you (based on skills, abilities and motivation),
  • To shortlist candidates with a respect for the individual and his right to be different,
  • To combine responsiveness and high quality (responsiveness contractual agreement)
  • To be fully transparent to you throughout the process
  • To draw up an efficient evaluation program for shortlisted candidates (psychologists using tests from ETPG)


As a successful recruitment assignment can only be measured in the long run, we offer you a unique two years guarantee on candidate replacement.


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